Having trouble signing in?

Let's see if we can help! Read the following options for some of the common issue you may have when trying to create an account or sign in. This help forum will grow throughout the year.

I was unable to login using my school-provided email.

If you are taking Fun Learning Company courses through a school, we create your account for you using your email provided to you by the school. To sign into your account on FLIP, please use the "Sign-in with Google" feature shown on the login page, and simply provide a school email. If it's your first time logging into FLIP, and we have already started your account, you will have received an email confirmation. This confirmation email may have been delivered to your spam, so check your spam folder if you're not finding it in your inbox. You may then be prompted to change your password. After this initial login, you will then be able to use the Sign-in with Google feature to seamlessly login to your FLIP account from then on. See the reference photo for the "Sign-in with Google" option below:

  1. Select Sign-in with Google.
  2. How to sign in with Google

  3. Choose the student's email account associated with the school, then follow the prompts.
  4. Choose an account

  5. If this is your first time logging into FLIP, you may be prompted to change your password. Please change your password if you are prompted to do so. Your Current password would have been sent to your school email account (see above).
  6. Change your password image

I received the following error after trying to sign-in:
Login attempt failed error

The above error means that you tried to sign-in using an email not associated with your school, or we have not yet created an account for you. Please ensure you are attempting to sign-in using your school-provided email.

Does my account on FLIP replace my GLOBE account?

Starting in the 2021-22 school year, and onward, FLIP will be used instead of GLOBE specifically for all online courses taken through Fun Learning Company. GLOBE may still be used for other courses, but not Fun Learning Company courses.

I'm having trouble with something(s) not mentioned here.

Please email us at info@funlearningcompany.com.